Inteliports tests drone parcel delivery network

UK drone startup Inteliports is celebrating a successful trial run of its drone parcel pick up and delivery network at Snowdonia Aerospace Centre in North Wales.

The drone delivery network allows customers to deposit their parcels in parcel locker bays, where they are automatically loaded onto internally docked delivery drones. Once a parcel is loaded and its destination transferred into the UAV navigation technology, the protective roof retracts to allow the drone to takeoff and make deliveries, and then return for recharging awaiting its next mission.

Inteliport said its GO on-demand drone delivery system aims to seamlessly connect regional suppliers to communities using automated modules that that fit neatly into urban landscapes. It added that its mission is to establish “an unparalleled automated drone port network spanning the entire United Kingdom.”

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Inteliport CEO David Majoe said the completed trial of the module in northern Wales represents not only progress in the startup’s work toward certifying and marketing GO and its other drone delivery concepts but also provides the entire sector with new ideas for how future services may take shape.

He added: “The successful demonstration at the Snowdonia Aerospace Centre reaffirms the potential of an automated drone port network to revolutionize the future of unmanned aerial systems in the United Kingdom. We are opening doors to exciting opportunities across industries.”

In addition to the applications for aerial delivery companies, Inteliport says GO is also designed for adapted uses in infrastructure inspection, emergency response, mapping, and other recurring missions.

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