Short Story: Not So Welcome Break

In the December 2020 issue of Transport News, we published Not So Welcome Break, a short story from Tom Finlayson who’d won the George Orwell Youth Prize.

It’s focus on road haulage and how technology had driven change and what that meant for the people that still worked in the industry.

The Orwell Youth Prize is an annual programme for 12-to-18-year olds culminating in a writing prize. Rooted in Orwell’s values of integrity and fairness, the prize and the activities around it introduce young people to the power of language and provoke them to think critically and creatively about the world in which they are living.

With a focus on social justice, the themes of the Youth Prize ask young people to respond to big ideas, past themes have included: ‘Truth vs. Lies’, ‘Identity’ and ‘A Fair Society?’. We believe increasing young people’s confidence in writing, critical thinking and interest in social justice helps to equip them for their next step, whether that be higher education, apprenticeships or work. Tom Finlayson is a junior 2020 Orwell Youth Prize winner, responding to the theme ‘The Future We Want’.

To read the story click here: NOT SO WELCOME BREAK 


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