Uncertainty surrounds government phase-out dates for diesel HGVs

The phase-out dates for diesel-powered HGVs could still change following the government’s announcement that it is to postpone its ban on the sale of new diesel and petrol cars, writes Chris Tindall.

A spokesperson for Volvo Trucks said the government announcement did not appear to directly affect the medium and heavy truck sector but that ‘there are clearly close ties between all automotive markets’.

The RHA said government had failed to lay out a clear plan, which it said was detrimental for the industry, and that the association is seeking ‘urgent clarity’ from government on what yesterday’s announcement means for the future of HGVs.

David Wells, chief executive of Logistics UK, said pushing back the deadlines was unhelpful and would discourage private investment in the UK and its industries.

He said: “At a time when industry needs detail and action, delay just creates more uncertainty.”

Carlos Rodrigues, MD of Renault Trucks & Ireland, said: “We are concerned that more needs to be done by government to create the environment for operators to adopt electric vehicles, for example through incentives, legislation and dispensation.

“Clarity is key, and operators must be informed and supported along the way to achieve those deadlines.”


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