AdBlue On Tap

That poor, but essential, relation of the truck fuels industry, AdBlue, should really take on the status of a bunkered item in the haulier’s yard, suggests Greenox supplier Tennants, based at Blantyre, near East Kilbride. Alistair Vallance lets the story unfold…
IT’S EASY to imagine the scene…The archetypal transport manager’s office at 4.45 on a Friday afternoon. Approaching the counter on the open side of the office are two drivers about to start their overnight shift south.
“Good news, guys,” smiled the TM. “We’re ahead of the game for once. The curtainsiders are loaded and Jimmy is out in the yard fuelling up your tractor units. Here’s your paperwork, you just need to hitch up and do your walk-rounds.”
Enter ‘Jimmy’. “Sorry boss, the diesel’s in, but I can’t find a drop of AdBlue anywhere in the yard.”

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