Secure, Live & Automated Tracking Solutions

Why use GPS Trackers?

Whether you have one lorry or a full fleet of HGVs, TRUCK.CO.UK’s tracking options helps you to keep on top of your vehicles.

Trackers provide a multitude of benefits, not only related to theft protection and asset security. For example, fuel usage optimisation, route planning, driver productivity, client transparency, insurance cost reduction and adherence to vehicle usage policies.

Trackers can give yo piece of mind and support you in improving your business operations. Please visit our shop to take a look at what we stock or get in touch for a bespoke order.

GPS Tracker Benefits:

Asset Protection & Recovery

Reduce both the likelihood and impact of theft of your assets, with GPS Tracking being a deterrent and helping to relocate stolen assets. Not only can you see your vehicle locations in real time, but this can be shared with authorities to help recover assets and prosecute offenders.

Fuel Savings & Productivity

With fuel prices continuing to rise, it is more important that ever to focus on efficiency, just ensuring your driver are managing the vehicles effectively can save between 10%-25% of operating costs. Additionally, live data from routes, inlcuding traffic, road works, etc. can help with more effective planning. 

Accountability & Evidence

With greater emphasis put on customers and clients being able to track their packages in real time, GPS Trackers can provide the data feeds that demonstrate where and when a package will be, or has been delivered – providing both transparency and proof of successful and failed deliveries.

TRUCK.CO.UK provide hardware, software and services related to GPS Trackers. Contact us today to get a quote from as low as £225 fully installed. Or visit our Shop for Hardware

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