Advice for working near overhead power lines published

Guidance outlining the ways to reduce risks when working in the vicinity of power lines has been produced by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF).

It said analysis of data from the last 10 years showed that electrocutions and electric shocks had increased “notably” since 2015.

The IPAF said it hoped the comprehensive document would assist anyone planning, operating and supervising the use of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) near powerlines in identifying and understanding the risks.

Brian Parker, IPAF head of safety and technical, said: “One standout statistic is that reported incidents of electrocution are nearly always fatal.

“Working in the vicinity of energised power lines can expose workers to health and safety risks including death by electrocution or electric shock. If a MEWP or its occupants contact energised power lines it can cause instant death, electric shock or other injuries caused directly or indirectly by electricity. Equally serious can be the effect of electricity arcing from the power line to a MEWP and its occupants.

He added: “As with all common causes of accidents involving MEWPs, workplace safety culture and behaviour can play a big part in reducing the number of incidents.

“Ignorance or lack of awareness of the main underlying risks can lead to complacency and potential exposure to unsafe situations.

“It was clear that this is another of those all-too-common type of incident that our industry should be doing much more to understand and eradicate, which nearly always result in serious, life-changing injury or death.”

The document can be downloaded for free on the IPAF website.

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