Bedeo launches diesel to electric van conversion kit

A retrofit solution that converts a diesel van to electric at the touch of a button has been launched by EV supplier Bedeo.

It said the RE-100 range extender enabled companies with large fleets of vans, often with major conversions such as refrigeration units and bespoke fit outs, to retain them for longer while transitioning to an all-electric future.

A van fitted with the range extender is electric first, with 117km of range and the ‘diesel mode’ can be used when required for longer journeys.

Bedeo founder Osman Boyner said he was providing a new business model for an industry “caught between the twin goals of cost and sustainability”.

He said: “The traditional model of fleet owners is to invest in new vans.

“But electric vans today don’t meet the needs of the market and even Euro VI diesel vans are still responsible for a disproportionate amount of carbon emissions.

“With the RE-100 we have created a new category of hybrid that not only meets the needs of the market but also accelerates transport decarbonisation.”

Boyner added: “While sustainability is, of course, a key driver, the end-to-end sustainability of the vehicle also needs to be taken into account.

“It cannot be sustainable to replace a vehicle that has not reached the end of its useful working life, neither is it sustainable to replace not only the vehicle, but also the refrigeration units or bespoke fit-out that many of these vehicles have.”

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