Continued Growth For New HGV Registrations

Demand for HGVs grew by 15% in Q3, with more than 11,500 trucks joining Britain’s roads, according to latest figures.

The SMMT said it represented the UK’s sixth consecutive quarter of growth and the largest number of new HGV deliveries in any quarter since the end of 2019, writes Chris Tindall.

It added that the uptake of electric and hydrogen-powered lorries continued to rise too and now represented 0.8% of the market, the largest quarterly share this year, compared with 0.3% and 0.4% in Q1 and Q2.

While zero emission truck uptake has reached record levels, its share is still a fraction of the entire HGV market and the SMMT said the sector’s transition needed to be accelerated given the time-critical ambitions.

Zero emission vehicles represent just one in 119 new trucks, compared with one in five new cars and one in 20 new vans.

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