‘Do more to get logistics careers noticed,’ transport sector urged

Young people are not committing to a career in logistics because they haven’t been given enough information to make a decision one way or another.

Phil Roe, who heads up the awareness campaign Generation Logistics, said just 12% of young people are actively pursuing a logistics career, despite them recognising the importance of the industry.

Research found 40% agreed that the sector was crucial in keeping the industry running.

Addressing logistics professionals at the recent launch of a new networking group, Roe said: “Raising awareness of our sector is critical if we are to future-proof the industry.

“Our research shows that young people are non-committal about logistics as a career choice, not because they are actively discounting it as an option, but because they don’t have enough information to make informed decisions.

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“It’s the industry’s responsibility to educate and inform the next generation about the varied and stimulating careers that exist in the profession.”

Generation Logistics received another year of government funding this summer and its focus has shifted towards raising awareness of the sector among those aged 13-24, as well as targeting educators in schools and colleges.

In addition, a careers guide to logistics will become available for every school and college in the UK and will feature case studies from the campaign’s gold sponsors.

Roe added: “We are passionate about changing the perception of the sector and promoting logistics as a career of choice so getting our message into schools is critical.

“For the industry to thrive and attract the next generation of talent, it is vital that the whole sector comes together behind Generation Logistics to raise awareness of our industry and put us on the same footing as other sectors when new recruits are considering their next steps.”

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