Electric Vans Lag Behind

“NEW VAN registration figures indicate that market confidence is improving, following in April its fourth consecutive month of growth, and a clear indication that supply chain shortages are easing,” said Sue Robinson, chief executive of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA).

April’s new van market recorded overall growth of 4.9% with 22,665 new LCVs registered.

The large 2.5-3.5t market remains the highest performing sector, representing 67% year-to-date of all LCVs registered.

Battery electric light commercials recorded an impressive growth of 62.6% in April, and now hold a market share in 2023 of 6.6%, but the economic supply of diesel-powered LCVs still holds a substantial proportion of the van and light commercial market share (92.5%). “It is apparent that far more needs to be done to support the transition to zero emissions for commercials,” said Sue Robinson.

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