Enva’s Scottish Fleet Protected By Durite

ENVA, a provider of resource recovery solutions, has rolled-out Durite, a 4G telematics camera system, to protect its drivers operating across 34 facilities in the UK and Ireland.
Enva is a longstanding user of Durite cameras in its 130 strong HGV fleet in Scotland. The company started with single forward-facing cameras, upgraded to a multi-camera digital video recording (DVR) system, then progressed even further by installing Durite Live systems.
Alan Jackson, Enva’s fleet maintenance supervisor with responsibility for Scotland, said: “We have used Durite for over five years. The DVR systems are excellent providing recorded footage as evidence of what actually happened during an incident.
“We decided to move to Durite Live to provide quicker access to that footage and it has proved invaluable. This could be in a collision or even something as simple as providing proof to a client that we had visited their site on a specific date and time to collect waste.”
Combining the benefits of cameras with telematics, Durite Live provides GPS tracking and location data as well as updates on camera status.
Durite also supplied Enva with a comprehensive safety system including left turn speaker, left side blind spot detection, reversing alarm and warning lights.

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