Fleet Software To Become Obligatory?

ToFLEET management software could become obligatory in the future as part of long-term regulatory trends, FleetCheck is suggesting.
Managing director Peter Golding said: “Over the last few years, we’ve seen the DVSA stipulate that software needs to be used for the Earned Recognition Scheme. At present, this is voluntary, but it is possible that it becomes more widespread in the future.
“There’s also the DVSA’s desire to handle preventative maintenance inspections digitally.
“Fleet data is already fed into official records when it comes to MOT tests and the Motor Insurance Database, as examples. It is arguably a logical step to being asked to record all walkaround checks digitally and submit them to a central health and safety portal.
“We have some ideas that we are looking to bring to market in the near future that are designed to meet this trend.”

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