Flexible working patterns increase as recruiters strive to keep staff

Warehouse and haulage companies are increasingly offering more flexible working hours to staff in a bid to ensure they have enough employees to fill all their shifts, according to a new poll.

Digital staffing platform Indeed Flex said historically, companies in the sector have been reluctant to offer flexible work patterns, but its research found 41% of firms are now having to think outside the box.

Staff shortages have blighted the warehouse and logistics sector since the pandemic and Indeed Flex said 39% believe their biggest staffing challenge right now is ensuring they have the staff to fill shifts, while almost a quarter (23%) said retaining permanent employees and contract workers was their main problem.

Since 2019, there has been a 43% rise in the number of job adverts for warehouse workers, with the largest increase in the North East where demand has almost doubled.

Novo Constare, Indeed Flex CEO said: “Not having enough staff has a massive impact on the logistics sector.

“Deliveries go out as normal but the cost for the employer rises as limited numbers of staff work overtime to ensure the job gets done. This often leads to burnout for employees, meaning more absences and even more positions to fill.

“The fact that two in five logistics firms are turning to temporary workers and increasing wages is a real sign that they are struggling to attract people.”

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