Forward Solutions veterans embrace new roles as tutors

Freight software firm Forward Solutions said two of its longest-serving team members were now transitioning in their roles and passing on their knowledge to a new generation within the business.

Nigel Smith (right) and Kevin Bell have held positions at Forward Solutions for over three decades and witnessed a significant amount of change over at the company.

Smith joined Forward Computers, as the company was known in 1996, and was able to impart his extensive freight industry experience to the ranks, which formed a big chunk of his 27 years at the firm.

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Integration specialist Bell was a former customer of the company when he joined in 1998. He worked in the integration of electronic data interchange, within which he has become an industry-renowned expert.

Smith and Bell are now switching their focus to providing help and support to the rest of the workforce and administering training to the Forward Solutions team to ensure their knowledge is passed to the entire business.

Smith said: “Having worked in the freight industry for almost five decades, I want to pass on and impart the accrued knowledge I have gained in that time to my colleagues. It will only improve the level of service we will be providing our customers with – I’m excited about this next phase of my career!”

Bell added: “We remain a forward-thinking, progressive company, and I know it’s energising for both Nigel and myself to be passing down our expertise to the rest of the team.”

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