Freightliner’s Multimodal March Into Scotland

‘Gushetfaulds!’ It isn’t a Gorbals insult. The long since defunct terminal, saw the very first freightliner train, way back in 1965. Since then, Intercity Freightliner has gone through as much of a modern makeover as has Glasgow’s once most notorious black spot and moved house to Coatbridge, to start again…

HOW DID the grey box with the red stripe, on a Scammell, driven by your granddad in a flat cap in his sixties during the actual sixties; get to be the sleek, modern, multi-coloured multimodal railway enterprise, hauling its ass at 75mph over Beattock, on the back of twenty-first century rail wagons, with sparks flying from the catenary above a ridiculously powerful electric locomotive?
That, apart from the longest question in journalistic history, is a story your granddad would be happy to spend an evening relating. We’ll keep it to a paragraph or two.

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