Government Urged To Maintain Fuel Duty Cut

LOGISTICS UK has submitted its concerns and industry recommendations to the UK government ahead of the 2023 Spring Budget. The business group has highlighted the dangers of a disproportionate rise in fuel duty to inflation and the UK economy, and has called for a mechanism that retains the 5ppl fuel duty cut introduced in March 2022, while maintaining revenue levels through VAT and other sources.

Logistics UK has previously raised concerns regarding a reported potential 23% increase in fuel duty from Spring 2023.

Such an increase, according to David Wells, the business group’s CEO, would equate to an additional £4,850 annual cost to run a 44t truck. 99% of logistics businesses are SMEs and even a small haulage firm with seven HGVs could be facing an additional £34,000 to annual operating costs if the duty rise were to be introduced after March 2023.

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