Hydrogen will play key role in long-distance haulage, claims BP

Adrian Brabazon (pictured), head of UK fleet solutions at BP, has insisted hydrogen will play a crucial role in the future of long-distance haulage and outlined the company’s plans to roll out 25 refuelling hubs by the end of the decade.

However, he also told delegates at the RHA’s Forum for the Future that BP’s strategy would see it continue to invest in traditional fuels as well as the low carbon transition

“We believe diesel will still play a major role but with a tipping point for the UK in the late 2030s,” he said. “Electrification will be the primary source of low carbon transport but hydrogen will be a growing part of that mix. The pathway is a bit further out but it will play a crucial role in transport and long-distance haulage.”

Brabazon added that government policy would ultimately dictate the speed of the net zero transition for HGVs and that Germany and China were currently leading the way.

“We are already seeing low carbon subsides for trucks in those countries,” he said. “In Germany they have an e-charging corridor for trucks that is driven by clear investments.

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“In the UK there are important programmes like the Zero Emission Road Freight (ZERF) demonstrator programme and we’re eagerly awaiting the results in the near future.

“These trials are about test, learn, then do. As part of that, we’ve agreed a deal with Daimler to build 25 hydrogen refuelling stations by the end of 2030. BP is currently developing a hydgroen hub at a site in Teeside and we have confidence that truck charging infrastructure in the UK will come.”

Brabazon went on to admit that the pathway for zero emission trucks is more complex that for cars and vans. “It’s a diverse energy mix,” he said. “Bio fuels have a really important role today –  HVO and bio LNG and bio CNG can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 85%. There are instant solutions, so look carefully at your operation and, in a collaborative sense, use specialists to support you.

“BP will need to think differently and so will you,” he concluded. If you haven’t started the race, you need to start. Think – then do, learn – then do.”

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