‘In-cab cameras infringe our privacy and show we’re not trusted,’ say truck drivers

Payment software provider SNAP has urged hauliers to help drivers overcome their concerns about in-cab cameras after it conducted a survey that found many think it showed a lack of trust by their employer.

SNAP said the technology would always be a bone of contention within the industry, but while concerns were often raised about the invasion of privacy, firms should anticipate the pushback and communicate with their drivers about how cameras can benefit them.

It asked drivers that have an account with them for their thoughts about in-cab cameras, as well as technology such as Lightfoot Vision, which relies on AI and machine vision to detect distracted driving.

Truck driver Andy Dorey said: “They can be deemed an infringement of privacy if they operate when a driver is off duty.”

SNAP said operators should reassure their drivers that in-cab technology would be turned off during downtime and only triggered in the event of a crash or if the kit recognises behaviours that could lead to an accident, such as no seatbelt, mobile phone usage and eating or smoking at the wheel.

It also said drivers can be convinced of the advantages if they’re shown examples of where cameras have exonerated them of wrongdoing.

Driver Danny Defrond told SNAP he was initially suspicious of the technology; however, it helped his case when he was in collision with a car: “The camera showed I was looking in my mirrors and there was nothing I could do to avoid the situation,” he said.

Matthew Bellamy, SNAP MD, said: “The introduction of driver-facing in-cab cameras is an excellent innovation to ensure driver safety and provide real-time feedback and support.

“However, with over 160,000 drivers using SNAP accounts, it’s important to acknowledge their views regarding this technology.

“From the feedback we received, many drivers believe this technology presents a lack of trust between the operator and driver. Fleets need to be aware of this and find ways to mitigate these worries.”

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