LSTs made law to boost productivity and reduce carbon emissions

Following an extensive longer semi-trailer (LST) trial and consultation, government has announced that the maximum combination length for articulated HGVs in the UK will now be 18.55m from 31 May 2023.

Roads minister Richard Holden MP explained that the new combined vehicle length, 2.05m longer than before, will result in a £1.4 billion boost to the haulage industry and save 70,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the air.

He added: “Everyone around the country depends on our haulage sector for their everyday needs and a strong, resilient supply chain is key to the government’s priority to grow the economy.”

Government stated: “Legislation will be laid today (10 May 2023) to safely roll out the vehicles on roads from 31 May.”

The decision follows an 11-year trial to ensure LSTs are used safely on roads, and operators will be encouraged to put extra safety checks and training in place, government added, and stated that ‘the trial demonstrated that LSTs were involved in around 61% fewer personal injury collisions than conventional lorries’.

More than 300 companies in the UK took part in the trial, and almost 3,000 LSTs are currently on the road.

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