New And Improved

Scania unveiled a new engine platform designed to save the operator money, and it underpins this month’s road test, the 460R. Transport News resident road tester, Lochmaben Transport’s Stevie Walker, has been out for a drive.

IN NOVEMBER 2021 Scania launched a new engine. The Swedes’ research and development department had spent the best part of five years creating it from the ground up.
The Super 13 engine represents an investment of more than £1.76 billion. For that operators will get, according to Scania, better fuel efficiency, biofuel capability, better total operating economy figures and reduced CO2 emissions.
Scania confirmed that it has 50% thermal efficiency, uses dual overhead camshafts and twin selective catalytic reduction dosing of AdBlue. It’s purpose built for the implementation of renewable biofuels, explained Stefan Dorski, the senior vice president, at Scania Trucks.

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