New UK For SDVs

NEW LAWS introduced into Parliament aims to put safety at the heart of the rollout of self-driving vehicle technology and position the UK as world-leaders of this £42bn industry.

The new safety framework will ensure clear liability for the user, set the safety threshold for legal self-driving and establish an in-use regulatory scheme to monitor the ongoing safety of these vehicles.

They can be used to better connect rural communities, improving access to essential services and reducing isolation. They can make last-mile delivery and long-haul freight services more efficient, reducing congestion, and they can provide on-demand transport services.

This Bill will help cement the UK’s position as a global leader in this high tech, and high growth industry, which could create up to 38,000 jobs, said the government.

All self-driving vehicles will be required to undergo robust safety testing before they are permitted to drive on UK roads.

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