RHA welcomes Labour promise to fast track planning

RHA has welcomed Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves’ promise to deliver planning reforms under a Labour Government that will fast track the roll out of vital infrastructure and revive the UK’s “sluggish” economy.

Speaking at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool, Reeves pledged an overhaul of the UK’s “antiquated planning system” in order to “get Britain building again.”

Responding to Reeves promise, RHA welcomed the plans and called for changes to the planning system that will ensure the rapid roll out of the infrastructure needed to decarbonise the logistics industry and the provision of better facilities for lorry drivers.

In a statement RHA said: “It’s essential that we have a fit-for purpose planning system as the movement of goods is vital for the wellbeing of our society and the economy.

“We believe all supporting infrastructure from the Strategic Road Network to lorry parking, to drivers facilities, should be considered nationally significant.

“There should also be greater direction from government to ensure the unimpeded flow of goods and to eliminate inefficiencies that adversely affects productivity.

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The association criticised the current planning system which it said is too fragmented, preventing the efficient flow of goods across the country.

It added: “We’re calling on government to collaborate with industry and other stakeholders to reform of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to ensure that local decisions can deliver this nationally significant infrastructure.

“A reformed NPPF should support the provision of infrastructure on new projects to help decarbonisation. It also needs to be strengthened to make it easier to secure planning permission for lorry parking facilities, including mandating local authorities to provide enough facilities and overnight parking for lorries to meet demand.”

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