The Power Base

With Ecogen 2 now on the market, Hultsteins UK has brought in further sales experience to concentrate on Scotland, writes Kevin Swallow.

IT HAS been four years since Hultsteins UK was set up, two years since Graham Usher was named as the managing director for the UK and Ireland, and two years since renowned Glasgow based Transcool joined the company to install and service Ecogen units across Scotland.
At the end of last year, Hultsteins launched its next generation, Ecogen 2; a hybrid-drive that generates the electricity to run the trailer refrigeration unit when coupled to the tractor via the power take off (PTO), which can be retrofitted to any tractor unit with a PTO.
Ecogen 2 has a new hydraulic block for better fuel use, which completely shuts down when not in use and so doesn’t recirculate oil from the PTO, as well as bigger electric capacity loom wiring.

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