Three Major OEMs To Produce Hydrogen Trucks

THE RAPIDLY developing H2Accelerate trucks project will see the deployment of 150 fuel cell trucks in Europe from manufacturers Daimler Truck, Iveco Group, and Volvo Group. The Clean Hydrogen Partnership has granted funding of €30m, enabling the roll-out of these heavy-duty, zero tailpipe emissions vehicles; the trucks deployed will be either 4×2 or 6×2 with up to 44 tonne gross vehicle weight. The vehicles will be refuelled using either 700 bar or liquid hydrogen, have a range of over 600km, and can be refuelled in under 15 minutes. Following the successful implementation of this project, each of these major European players expect to progress to series manufacturing of the vehicles.
In parallel with the deployment of fuel cell trucks, H2Accelerate infrastructure players Linde, Shell, and TotalEnergies aim to deploy a series of high capacity dual-pressure hydrogen refuelling stations across Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain. These 29 stations will be the first in a much larger network, said an H2Accelerate spokesman.

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