Volting Forward

Speed and scale drives Volta Trucks as its sets about bringing a new vehicle to market. Gordon Roberts spent the day with the new-start electric vehicle manufacturer.

SECRECY always shrouds new truck development. Rumours of camouflaged test trucks being put through their paces in the frozen north or through the countryside in broiling temperatures in southern European climates means, sooner or later, a hastily captured spy photo shot of ‘something new’ will be offered to the press for cash.
Not so Volta Trucks. The industry has seen their trucks coming down the road from day one. Unshackled from the legacy of the past, the UK headquartered business has given us access to prototype vehicles to drive and has been fully transparent in its plans to secure a foothold over the next 12 months in the European market and the following year in the US.
This is a bold and ambitious plan, but with a fourth round of investment secured, the company looks well-funded to realise its ambitions.

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