XPO opens new freight route to boost capacity by 25%

XPO has opened a new freight route between Santander and Liverpool and said the combination of road and sea transport in this new corridor would increase capacity for customers by 25%.

It currently operates two weekly departures from the Port of Santander in Spain to the Port of Liverpool and XPO said this expansion of multimodal solutions will save more than 2,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per trip per year.

The land route between the two destinations requires trucks to cover more than 1,800 kilometers by road.

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Goods arriving in Liverpool are managed by XPO’s final delivery team.

Massimo Marsili, XPO Logistics MD – Southern Europe and Morocco, said: “Reducing the carbon footprint of our daily operations is in the roadmap for both our customers and XPO, and multimodal transportation is an efficient alternative to the road to help achieve this goal.”

XPO recently announced it was using HVO-powered trucks on its Mazda UK parts distribution contract to help cut the car manufacturer’s emissions.

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